New Homepage

just a few minutes ago...
i've just changed my new layout..
so how is it??
i find it kinda tired to do this work..
i have to surf to few websites to find a templates that suit with me..haha
it's just like a diary for me..since i've now in university life..haha
it's gonna be very busy for me..just a little more than in kisas..haha

now..i'm boring roomate are sleeping..haha
and i'm 'living' alone now..hoho
not alone..this laptop has been my friend when i'm boring or alone..huhu

this day..i've went to 1 Utama..with my friends..syabab and hasbi..
we took a lift from hasbi's bro..
and for the first time i've been's a normal when i'm lost in there..haha
i've bought a shirt..a blue shirt..since we're can't wear a stripes shirt..
its costs rm49.90..ok la..its the cheapest shirt i've bought before this..haha

that's all..i wanted to continue on editing my blog..huhu

p/s:speaking jap..nak praktis..huhu..ready utk yakin gile dpt exempted..insyaAllah..aminn..huhu

6 coretan ikhlas oleh kamu:

Nur Farhana said...

Heehee.. Lawa la plak.. Huuhuu.. =)

*ika* said...

weyh, sebok je na tuka layout..
ak tuka layout, ko pon na tuka.hehehe.

fadhli said...

to nur farhana:

lawa ke??
xsangke la plak..huk3..haha

fadhli said...

to ika:

skati aku la..
life baru so..layout pun baru lah..hoho

*ika* said...

to fadhli:
huhuhu, ye la..ak pon sme~~~ XPP

Nur Farhana said...

To fadhli.. (aik.. nak jugak ber"to" ni kan.. ahakz..)

Lawa2.. Heehee.. =)