award++have fun here

blogging while waiting for my maths class
thanx to pakcik dot and kakak for giving me these awards..huhu

these few days..i'm enjoying my english class..
i dun know whether it's about the teacher or the subject..haha
for my reading class..the lecturer was Miss Aimi..the little cutie one..hehe
writing class..miss ranee (+mukherjee//she said that..hoho)..
loves her class..mades me remembered my past during primary school..
and for the latest one this morning..listening and speaking..madam nora..
quite strict but some time quite fun..huhu
like i said that i'm enjoying my english class..but not all..
but i'm enjoying speaking in english with my lecturers..huhu..
it's kinda..cannot be described..hoho

that's all..want to take bath before class..

5 coretan ikhlas oleh kamu:

EmberPen said...

i knew u'll like it!!
its good u've finally perk up for da opportunity to lurve that language.
btw, if u want any assistance in dat field, do so ask me.
to fill my time, dude.

fadhli said...

well..i dun need u..i got my lect..hohoho

fadhli said...


~cik zue~ said...

ek ena.. konon jaa nak take bath before lecturer!!

hikayat dongeng jaa tu..

fadhli said...

btol la!!!
ko tnye roomate aku..
jeles r tu..taw r g klas xmandi..hahaha