Infos only

Just infos about my final examination.

"This is a warning for myself.
Won't be online for the whole next week (if possible) in order to prepare or in other words study@revision for the final examination."

The subject(s) are :

1. Mathematics 1 -SHE 1114 -28 SEPT 2009 -9.00a.m-
2. English Language Level IV -LEM 4013 -24 SEPT 2009 -9.00am-
3. Basic Themes of Al-Quran -FIM 1233 -27 SEPT 2009 -9.00am-

Luckily all the exams are in the morning. Pray for so that I can perform the best during the exam.
Aim for X>3.00 for the first semester. InsyaAllah.

This evening I've just got my carry marks for Maths 1=30.6 out of 40. Need >3/4 in final paper to get A. Hopefully I can do it.

For English I've only got for writing which is 6.8 out of 10. Still does not satisifies me and do not show any sign for getting an A. Pray for me. Scary is it? Hope for another EPT.

For FIM I've got 32 out of 40. I hope can do better than mid sem exam.
Overall, need a lot of efforts to get great cgpa.

Pray for me...the KISASian...and also the IIUM students.

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nwahdaty89 said...

korg sume blehnyer:)

AxL VoGa said...

gud luck then~

fadhli said...



miss oren said...

a very2 gudluck to u

Fiza said...

all the best fadhli..jgn hilang tumpuan time raya nnt...study2...hoho

atok said...

gewd luck la weh. eheh